Free Pet Insurance

PetFirst logo30-day coverage plan ensures the pet you adopt out is covered for accidents and illnesses. This plan provides $1,000 aggregate/ $500 per-incident limit of accident and illness protection. It reimburses 100% of vet bills after a $50 per-incident deductible. Adopters have the option to extend or upgrade their coverage at the time of activation. There is no cost to the adopter for this 30-day protection.
To activate the insurance, pet parents must call 1-855-710-7387. The insurance isn’t active until they activate it, and is not retroactive to the date of the adoption. Once their insurance is active, they use the veterinarian of their choice and submit their bills for reimbursement, which PetFirst processes in as little as two weeks.
The relationship with a veterinarian has a proven impact to keep a pet in the home. Our adoption insurance helps the adopter from having a financial crisis and reduces health related returns and phone calls to your organization.
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