French Bulldog info

French bulldog is a small breed of domestic dog and is known for its unique features, behavior and temperament. Originated from Lacemakers in Nottingham, a breed from England  from the early dogs in the 19th century who were downsized  to be toy bulldogs to become lap pets. During the Industrial Revolution lacemakers were transferred in France, they brought the dogs along with them and eventually, toy bulldogs became ultimately famous in France.

Wealthy Americans who are having tours in France saw these toys and fell in love with these stunning creations. It was during the later part of 1800s when these toys were known as the French bulldogs.  French bulldogs  are commonly referred to as “a clown in the cloak of philosopher” continue to be ideal companion dogs. It is a small and muscular breed with a heavy structure of bones, short face, smooth coat and “bat ears” as notable trademarks. This breed of dog is also recognized for its affectionate nature.

French bulldogs are generally alert and active but certainly not overly boisterous. Frenchies can either be fawn, red, white, brindle or combination of these colors. There are also rare colors like Blue and Chocolate brown. Although French bulldogs are expert in alerting owners their primary role is to be lap warmers. French bulldogs are convenient and easy to be with for they require minimal grooming and exercising.

You will never find an entertaining and amusing companion better than a French bulldog puppy. This cute and lovely little creature is affectionate and truly irresistible. French bulldog puppy finds your lap to be his favorite place although there are instances when your French bulldog may be up for a brisk walk. French bulldogs like to be indoors when the hot weather strikes. With this dog, you will surely be guaranteed a lovable, entertaining and an intelligent pal.

Though this dog needs minimal grooming, pet owners of French bulldog still need to groom it. The short coat of French Bulldogs requires weekly brushing in order to keep their coats super shiny and squeaky clean.

Regardless of their glum expressions, French bulldogs are dependably amiable, entertaining and comical. These dogs and puppies are comfortable in apartments and are livelier than you may expect from their chunky appearance. These dogs can be best described as indoor dogs and usually require air conditioning especially during warm weather.

French Bulldogs are especially frisky. Adult dogs and puppies like ball chasing especially as a puppy. Adult French Bulldogs are more venerable and are champion couch potatoes. However, adult dogs also love to go for walks or roam around especially when the weather is nice. It is by their nature to bark announcing visitors but nevertheless, French bulldogs are sweet and quiet dogs and puppies. Pet owners can train their French bulldogs however, they have to take note that they may sometimes be stubborn and challenging to train. Owners with pools at home are advised to take caution because French bulldogs and puppies cannot swim. French Bulldogs are great with kids of different ages.